IT assistance for companies

IT assistance for companies

The computer system of a company constitutes its fundamental basis for carrying out any activity. A malfunction of the company computer system can turn into a serious waste of time and, as they say, time is money. Time is often also the fundamental factor for the very survival of the company and buzz a geek.

This is why it is of primary importance to dedicate the right level of attention to the corporate IT infrastructure , in order to make it fully functional and efficient and keep it that way over time.

Corporate IT infrastructure: what is it?

IT infrastructure or IT infrastructure : a term whose meaning is the simplest one can believe. The IT infrastructure of a company is made up of all the pieces that make up a computer system , the set of hardware and software tools , physical and virtual, which, together, create a single device: the control center of business processes and operational-productive ecosystem.

The machines, computers, hardware that allows access to the internet, internal and external communication systems, storage media such as NAS and Cloud systems   are part of an IT infrastructure .

IT assistance

Management of IT infrastructures in the company (advantages of a team available)

An IT infrastructure is composed of several different elements that work in symbiosis with each other. For their maintenance it is important to be able to count on the support of an expert who is always available as an IT Company : a reality structured on different locations, formed by a team of qualified technicians whose skills are spread over several personalities who can intervene together according to their skills. specific, or individually as needed.

It is unlikely that a single IT consultant will have the same level of expertise in multiple sectors (HW, SW, server, network, virtualization, database management, etc.). However, by relying on an entire team, you can count on the efficiency of several elements with specific and specialized skills, each one responsible for carrying out a specific task or solving a specific problem.

IT support for companies: a complete range of services

From assistance to IT services to innovate the company, we support you with IT solutions useful for improving data management , optimizing processes and increasing productivity .


A hyperconverged computer system  consists of a flexible modular structure, in which each component is responsible for a specific function, such as servers, storage and backup systems and network switches. It operates in constant communication and under the control of a single interface.

The transition from a “traditional” corporate IT system to a hyperconverged infrastructure  is a choice that places the company in front of important performance and management advantages: savings in terms of time, and therefore economic, thanks to simpler management, fast and fluid, optimization of resources, increase in performance and security, increase in the level of data protection, simplification and speed up of disaster recovery systems.