Everything You Need To Know About Office Phone System Singapore

Everything You Need To Know About Office Phone System Singapore

In today’s technology world, every business office requires a phone system that will help them to connect with their customers. There are lots of business systems are available in the market. Research shows that productivity is increased because of the efficient communication between the customers and employees. Ineffective office communication may lead to a loss for your business. Therefore, it is recommended to upgrade the office phone system singapore for your business.

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What are office phone systems and their types?

The office phone system is a collection of hardware and software-based phones which enable telephonically functions with the help of the internet protocol and phone lines. There are mainly three types of office phone systems.

  • Legacy Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN): – It is also known as landlines. This is a traditional telephone system. It has been in use since the late 1800s. It consists of underground copper wires to connect telephone calls. For PSTN, you will need to install telephone lines in your office building. Although it is not efficient and effective for business purposes. This Office system hasa high calling charge and you have to spend extra on maintenance.
  • PBX phone system: – PBX stands for private branch exchange. It is a private telephone connection that allows businesses to use fewer phone lines and enables them to switch it over the network. This requires fewer landlines than the PSTN system and it is cheaper.
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol phone system: – The VoIP office phone system in Singapore is software-based. It does not require any wire to make calls. To connect a call, you will just need a device such as a laptop, desktop, or smartphone and an internet connection. This office phone system has so many amazing features including call management, call forwarding, voice mail, And call monitoring. This office phone system has maximum benefits over the PSTN and PBX phone systems.

The best office phone system has the following feature:

  • Multiple lines: – This feature allows employees to connect and switch between calls.
  • Call forwarding: – This feature allows an agent to forward the call to any other number. The customer will not be able to see the call forwarding number.
  • Voicemail: – The voicemail feature provides the client to leave a recorded call or message when the employees are out of the range.
  • Conference call: – This feature allows to connect multiple lines at a time. This feature is very helpful to organize a virtual meeting.